NADA Hudson 2012 | Eloise Fornieles | Open Siren

28 - 30 July 2012


Dark ground becomes a sea of sequins;
their cheap sparkle richer than the distant city.
In the heat,
the tar chipped dirt smells like a nook,
sweet with sweat.
Fingering dollar bills,
alert and present,
her hair scaling down her back,
her legs ajar.
Without touching,
her body makes notes on our physical tone.
Drunk, the dusk falls yet again
and in the half cut light
it dawns on us that
she is listening.
Our voices hang for a beat,
and with caught tongues and kept words we are absorbed by her.
We thought we would escape in forgetting,
But instead we let go of half-truths,
and find myths.
In a single semibreve we are reflected in her.
She gently strips us of our time and pays us for the pleasure.




Paradise Row presents Open Siren, an interactive performance by Eloise Fornieles being staged at NADA Hudson, NY.


Fornieles' practice engages with human interaction, intimacy and the relationship between beauty and violence, using sculpture, painting, photography and video as an extension of her work in performance and installation.


Fornieles is one of the current residents at The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP).




NADA Hudson

July 28 - 29 2012

11 am - 7 pm


Basilica Hudson

110 South Front Street

Hudson NY