Everything's Alright Forever: Group Show

7 July - 18 August 2012

Everything's Alright Forever (Installation Image), 2012

Private View: Friday 6th July 2012, 7.00 - 9.00pm

A group show curated by Gabriel Rolt.

Everything's Alright Forever features works that play on the tension between surface and depth and exemplify the beauty and difficulty of attempting to use aesthetic forms to express the ineffable.

The exhibition brings together artists from the Netherlands, Poland, the U. S. and the U.K., several of them showing in London for the first time.


Wojciech Bakowski (PoznaƄ, b. 1979) is an artist, poet and musician, for whom reality is tangible and primarily audible. His projects, such as "Spoken Movies", combine different practices in order to explore the relationship between words and images, arguing that the two are in fact inseparable.


The work of the Dutch artist Bas Geerts (Leiden, b. 1971, lives and works in Amsterdam) is characterized by the stratification of transparant layers, using pure pigments, acrylics and metal leaf - often treated with patinas. In designing the layers, Geerts writes his own computer programs, randomizing the positioning and shape of parallelograms.


Noa Giniger (Tel-Aviv, b. 1977) creates sculptures and installations that demonstrate the tension between existence and essence, and questions the conceptions of space and time. She uses the acts of transformation and dislocation to elicit emotional responses and poetical meanings from everyday objects. 


Justin Matherly (West Islip, b. 1972, lives and works in Brooklyn) is known for his large-scale cast sculptures, often drawing on the classical past. In his work Matherly concentrates on the interrelation between ideas, different intellectual texts and philosophies forming a fundamental part of his artistic process.


Gino Saccone (Jersey, b.1979, lives and works in London and Amsterdam) is an artist and filmmaker, whose work explores the fundamental inner workings of language, as well as the ways in which information can be formulated and expressed. By inter-relating different elements of his work, Saccone intends to open up potential psychological spaces, fictions and cultural references.


Davina Semo (Washington D.C., b. 1981, lives and works in Brooklyn) combines a neo-minimalist formal language with the materials and aesthetic of the contemporary urban environment, utilizing concrete, glass, chains and spray paint, to create a succession of surfaces that speak with a brutal beauty.


Coen Vunderink's (Dalfsen, b. 1979) creates sculptures and paintings that demonstrate an ambiguous relationship between abstraction and figuration. His airbrush paintings, in which he makes use of traditional material such as egg tempera, are closely connected to his sculptures, a cross-pollination of artistic mediums, which forms the basis of his practice.