London - Barry Reigate: Equation

9 September - 8 October 2011

Equation is Barry Reigate's second solo show at Paradise Row.

At the core of this new body of work is a series of geometric forms, appropriated from a number of Mathematics exams and re-contextualized as pseudo-Modernist icons. The forms find themselves iterated through various media, in minimal works on paper, as a number of floor-based concrete sculptures and as elements in a sequence of paintings that serve to ornament an evacuated form of Pop-art expressionism.

By virtue of their translation from an academic to a cultural context, the forms are revealed as ciphers onto which different, but not dissimilar sets of utopian and aspirational assumptions are projected. So it is that the works, in both formal and material terms, playfully tease the links between social and physical structures, education and labour, culture and play.