Light - Part I

14 January - 19 February 2011

Reza Aramesh, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Desiree Dolron, Terence Koh, Wayne Horse, Dawn Mellor, Gino Saccone, Peter Schuyff and Conrad Shawcross.


A group show curated by Gabriel Rolt and Nick Hackworth


Private View: Thursday 13 January 2011, 6.30 - 8.30 pm



“Anyone who has sense will realize that the possible confusions of the eyes are of two kinds and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light. This is just as true of the mind’s eye as it is of the body’s eyes. So remember this the next time that you see someone who seems dazed and whose vision seems confused and don’t be too quick to laugh at them. First consider whether the soul of that person has emerged from a brighter light, and is unable to see because it is unaccustomed to the dark, or, having turned from darkness, is dazzled by the light of day.”

Plato, The Republic



Light is a two-part group show curated around the theme of light and thresholds and passages between light and dark, both actual and metaphorical.


The first part will take place at Paradise Row in London in January, the second at Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam in May 2011, thus encompassing the transition from winter into spring.

The exhibition allies a range of highly varied works; Reza Aramesh’s critical reconfiguration of postures of oppression taken from the documentary photographic record of the late 20th century within the context of high-cultural legacy of the Enlightenment, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s attack of those same Enlightenment spawned delusions of cultural progress, Desiree Dolron’s exquisite, dense, almost painterly rendering of light and shadow within the photographic medium, Terence Koh’s white-on-white neon declaration of Eternal Love, Wayne Horse’s lighter-lit display of sub-cultural, cul-de-sacs articulated in a trash aesthetic, Dawn Mellor’s radical portraits of female film stars, re-contextualized from the objectifying gaze of cinematic light into the critical, imaginative space afforded by painting, Gino Saccone’s loose but formal play of material, surface and light in his multi-media, sculptural assemblages, Peter Schuyff’s abstract, shaded path from ambient light into a dark portal and finally Conrad Shawcross’ beautiful and austere kinetic work that emanates an ever shifting pattern in shadow and light.