Edward Fornieles | My Voice Will Go With You

7 November - 19 December 2008

Private View: Thursday 6th November 2008, 7-9pm

We are now in a world bathed in light, bounded and contained by a myriad of shining, iridescent, perfect surfaces. Everything is smooth to the touch and here air is not air but pure scent. Countless images, moving and still, flicker in and out of life, miraculously floating before us and from the images an infinity of perfect smiles radiate...and in the centre, the very centre of all of this, an endless display of products, each one of them purer and more holy than any religious icon... In this world there is no corruption... no death... no time... merely a moment that stretches out forever... an eternal present of perfection... This is the deranged Platonic fantasy of Ideal Forms made manifest... And lying beneath it all...  beneath the threshold of our senses... the slow, undulating, pulsating, animating rhythms of libidinal desire working joyfully away...

Paradise Row proudly presents My Voice Will Go With You, the first major solo show by Edward Fornieles. Employing the full spectrum of expressive possibilities afforded by the mediums of installation, sculpture, film, performance, collage and painting, Fornieles engages with consumer culture. In contrast with the pseudo-political critique that typically characterizes contemporary art's engagement with capitalism and commodity culture, his work seeks to intensify the latent characteristics within commodities and the ideological structures that surround them, towards the idealisation of perfection, beauty and thought-annihilating orgasmic experience.

 As the artist makes unclear:

Ray Bans slogan is 'Never Hide', it is a simple yet weighty statement that is asking us to bare and confront ourselves, to be open to others and to accept responsibility. To never hide requires honesty and strength yet promises redemption and health. This is why I wear Ray Bans.